• Voice Communication

    Backed by the Philippines’ strongest and wide range communication infrastructure, PLDT Enterprise's voice communication solutions can provide your business with clarity and reliability unlike any other.

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    Voice Communication
  • Mobility

    Smart Enterprise is your answer to your company's need for convergence and connectivity. As a communications company, we know how crucial a reliable network is in ensuring the success of your enterprise even when you're on the go.

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  • Data Center

    A suite of solutions that cater to customers’ growing IT outsourcing requirements with VITRO Data Center facilities that are designed to be carrier-neutral -- allowing other telcos both foreign and local to provide network connections based on customer preference.

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    Data Center
  • Cloud

    “We Make Cloud Work For You”. Leverage on ePLDT's continuous investment on cloud technology, expertise and best practices on management of a hybrid or multi-cloud environment while tapping the full spectrum of capabilities from infrastructure, connectivity, services, security and business applications with an end-to-end cloud strategy.

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  • Managed ICT

    Concentrate on your core business with a wide-range of value added technology which includes remote monitoring and management of your selected on-premise or hosted hardware,software or networks and procurement of staffing services.

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    Managed ICT
  • Cybersecurity

    ePLDT Cyber Security offers a holistic portfolio that includes prediction, prevention, detection, and response to cyber-attacks.

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  • Collaboration and Productivity

    Transform your enterprise with solutions and tools that will enable you to work and collaborate, regardless of where you are.

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    Collaboration and Productivity
  • PLDT Global Enterprise

    PLDT Global Corporation (PGC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PLDT that facilitates in providing high quality value-added and traffic wholesale services through its points of presence (PoPs) located worldwide. PGC is now the full-fledged International Marketing, Sales and Operating Arm of the PLDT Group of Companies that offers a wide range of products & services even beyond telecommunications.

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    PLDT Global Enterprise
  • Branch-in-a-Box

    Empowers your enterprise with a straightforward and secure network solution.

    Whether you have a single store or are expanding to new locations, offering great customer and staff experiences are a must. With PLDT Branch in a Box, it's easy to set up your own branch network, enable WiFi access for guests, and not worry about network resource management and security.

    Why Branch in a Box?

    Quickly Launch your Business

    Minimal IT Overhead

    Secure and Worry-free

    Deploy advanced WiFi, VPN, and security features, enabling faster and more reliable Internet.
    Manage your network with centralized visibility and intuitive control, without training or additional staff. 
    Guarantee service fulfillment with secure and industry-compliant architecture.

    Ease of Expansion

    Restricted Access

    Automated Network Overhaul

    Connect the branches of your business within days and launch new ones with ease.
    Isolate third parties from your network by provisioning secure WiFi connectivity for guests to latch on to. 
    Improve the performance of your business applications with an app-aware networking solution.


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